Watercolours inspired by Ballet Russe

November 14th, 2010


We would like to introduce our collection of watercolours inspired by BALLET RUSSES costume designs.

The Legacy of design and colours used in Ballet Russes productions as the influencing force on the 20th century aesthetic is unique. In the early 20s their impact was simply revolutionary. Belle époque was over and great empires collapsed in the First World War. The world needed a fresh start and the air was cleared for the new concepts in modernity.

And all thanks to a single man, Sergei Diaghilev and his incredible vision and driving ambition that unified effects of music, dance and art to an astonishing effect. Music by Stravinsky and choreography by Massine, Nijinska and Balanchine broke new grounds and dancers as Nijinsky dazzled the audience. Sets were designed by avant-garde artists such as Matisse, Gonchareva, Braque and Picasso. But visual magic had most of all a stamp provided by Leon Bakst, a Russian-born artist who created exotic and imaginative costume designs unsurpassed until today.

We were inspired by his beautifully drawn and expertly coloured costume designs and we commissioned artists to reproduce them in larger format for a full impact. To start with, here are our favourite exotic costumes designed by Bakst for Scheherezade and Le Peri.

The present collection is already a huge success and we are now working on our next set of dazzling costume watercolours and hope to present them soon.

You can view the collection on our web site and if you have any inquiries please send us an email on anazenic@aol.com

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